Monday Morning Smile LXXII – Are you kidding me?!


I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging…maybe I’ll get back to it. Weirdly I am still getting hits from all over the world.


Anyway, I came across this and it seem ludicrous to me.

Guess who is today’s highest paid personality on TV? Go ahead, guess.

You won’t believe it.



Not Charlie Sheen from the previous Two & a Half Men seasons, not even the “Friends” mega stars of days past.

Maybe you think it’s the comedians shlepping jokes late at night. Although they are pulling in major coin, they are not the biggest.

jimmyfallon jonstewart


The biggest payday on TV makes more than all the U.S. Supreme Court justices combined.

judge judy Judge Judy – are you kidding me ? !!

She’s not even a real judge. She decides whether a $500 bar bet has to be paid.

The U.S. Supreme Court.  These august folks decide trivial matters like gay marriage (2013), universal health care (2012), abortion rights (1973, 2007), and other little niceties.

supreme court

The world is truly upside down.


dilbert tv




Monday Morning Smile XLIX – Great Canadian Moments

 Wow, what a great! weekend!  Fantastic weather just makes everyone feel better doesn’t it?

After doing a lot of the normal suburban stuff (baseball practice, cut the grass, etc..) I took in the Blue Jay game on a sunny sunday afternoon with my son. A little popcorn, a little umpire baiting, a fair amount of cheering, a great day all round. Did you catch the big news on the weekend?  I mean, really, really big news? No, not the Mayor Ford saga…..

It was really, really big news. …

Got me thinking – what are the big moments throughout the history of Canada that really define the Canadian experience – that Canadian fabric of life. (I’ll try and resist inserting the invention of the donut or Tim Horton’s ….)

Here’s the countdown of the Top Eight

8. Vikings come to Newfoundland. They stay one winter, and hightail it back…they’re no dummies. Winter in NF? yikes.Newfoundland - Viking Trailblizzard

7.  Jacques Cartier ‘discovers’ Canada.  For the next 150 years or so the British and French argue (pitch battle) over a bunch of trees, beaver pelts, and maple syrup. Brit James Wolfe finally beats the French on the Plains of Abraham – and then dies.


6. Americans decide that Canada looks good. They invade and find out that Canadians (o.k. Brits) are a tough bunch. Yanks lose the war of 1812.


5. 1867! Canada is a country. Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia start the greatest nation in the world – and also open the first donut franchise (just kidding about that part).

canada day 4 Canadain1867

4. Women get the vote. (not because it was the right thing to do btw. The Conservative party at the time was behind in the polls and wanted to win, so they expanded the voting population by including women (who had husbands, brothers, or sons in the military). These women supported the party and swept to power. all women got the vote a few years later.


3. Wayne Gretzky learns to skate.

young-wayne-gretzky gtreztkyfamily

2. 2005 – Canada legalises same sex marriage – enabling an unalienable equal right for everyone to complain about their spouse’s snoring.


1. 2013 – Hockey Canada bans Bodychecking !! WoW. Without our kids having grown up without concussions, where will all these smart kids find good jobs?

IMG_6208 Yep, this is my kid against a kid from Chicago in a tournament a few years ago. I know which kid wins in a battle against the boards!! I didn’t care if we won, I only cared my kid came out alive.