Monday Morning Smile LXXII – Are you kidding me?!


I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging…maybe I’ll get back to it. Weirdly I am still getting hits from all over the world.


Anyway, I came across this and it seem ludicrous to me.

Guess who is today’s highest paid personality on TV? Go ahead, guess.

You won’t believe it.



Not Charlie Sheen from the previous Two & a Half Men seasons, not even the “Friends” mega stars of days past.

Maybe you think it’s the comedians shlepping jokes late at night. Although they are pulling in major coin, they are not the biggest.

jimmyfallon jonstewart


The biggest payday on TV makes more than all the U.S. Supreme Court justices combined.

judge judy Judge Judy – are you kidding me ? !!

She’s not even a real judge. She decides whether a $500 bar bet has to be paid.

The U.S. Supreme Court.  These august folks decide trivial matters like gay marriage (2013), universal health care (2012), abortion rights (1973, 2007), and other little niceties.

supreme court

The world is truly upside down.


dilbert tv




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