Monday Morning Smile LXVI – Forever Young – unfortunately


How was everyone’s Remembrance Day? Can be emotional can’t it? It brought tears to my eyes seeing a 90 year old man openly weep for people that died almost 70 years ago. Good friends and comrades that did not return. In a breaking voice this  veteran said that he’ll always remember them as young, cocky,  good looking  men, that never grow old – unfortunately. For those young men, today, a country weeps for you.

REmembrance flanders field

The weekend in general was a good one, with inevitable leaf raking of course. “Baba” turned 90 on the weekend, so we had a nice little birthday party.  Oh, the things she has seen! From those early beginnings in a one room stove-heated cabin on the Saskatchewan prairie, through the rationing of the war years, the optimism of the 50’s, “Trudeau-mania in the 60’s (the first Trudeau, not the current one), the oil crisis fueled inflation of the 70’s, and on, and on….oh, the things she has seen!

Hmmmm, so over the last 90 years are our lives better?  Look no farther. the list is here!

1. Refrigerator – Baba started out with an ice box, and probably didn’t have a refrigerator till after 1950. Is life easier because of this? Is your beer cold? Beer Food was stored in an insulated box with a shelf  for a block of ice. Refrigerators became widespread in Canada in the 40’s. Of course this put Ice delivery men out of business, but created a market for MayTag repairmen.

ice box icebox1930d ICE-Delivery-Wagonlemonade-stand

2.  Television – the boob tube, the idiot box, the babysitter – it comes by many names, but nearly everyone watches it. When Baba was born women had an average of 3.5 babies, Canadian women of today average less than 2. Why? because men are watching TV.  Ladies, you’re welcome.


3. The television remote.  Brilliant, brilliant invention!  The first TV remote control  by Zenith corporation was marketed under the name “Lazy Bones” – and that says it all!!  The TV remote of today requires an advanced degree in theoretic physics to use. The “Lazy Bones” changed channels and volume – ahh the good ‘ole days.

Lazy-Bones1zenith_space_commandtv remote today

4.Credit card – the first widespread card was “the Diners Card”, still in use today. In Baba’s day, if you needed a cute frock to impress a lad, you saved up and bought it. Today, you decide which of your 5 credit cards you will charge it to. There are 71m credit cards in Canada, almost 6 per household. A good thing for those of us who work at Banks!

credit cardcc-mastercard-platinum-en

5. Air conditioningnow Baba never did get air conditioning till she moved to a retirement home. But then, folks of her generation are made from hardier stock than the rest of us young’uns. Air conditioning in its current form was first made by Willis Carrier (yep, the Carrier company that makes Air Con to this day). Office air conditioning was thought to be wasteful and promote employee laziness. Then, a test showed that typists increased their productivity by 24% in an air conditioned office. And voila, fast forward to today – folks won’t go outside if it’s too hot.

360_air_conditioning_0712 typing-pool

Well, that’s enough for now…there are many others…the calculator, penicillin, antibiotics, the internet, and on and on….

But for now, it’s happy 90th birthday Baba!


dilbert credit card


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