Monday Morning Smile LXV – Best Commercials ever !


Update….It was noted that the Bud “Wassup” commercials were left out….hurummpfh…mere pretenders in my humble opinion (although I will admit the Superbowl does provide its share of commercial entertainment).

This Bud commercial was better. Bud Light “The Elevator”

If you’re really want to relive the “Wassup” phase of your life…. here is the famous “Wassup”


Welcome to Monday! Another week closer to old man winter. Snow shoveling, scraping, shivering….uhh….I hope everyone had a great Halloween last week. A couple of our house decorations are included below. We had the regular troupe of cute little princesses and wizards, and a couple of teenagers with nary even a wig – and still expecting treats. What’s up with that? The lazy louts.

Now, I like to watch TV – I freely admit that lounging on the couch with the clicker in hand is a bit of a guilty pleasure. We PVR most of the TV we watch these days, which is great. However, because of it we miss some of the best that TV has to offer – the TV Commercial.

Below are some of the favourite TV commercials through the years. Are yours on this list? (drop me a line and give me the youtube link to your favourite and I can include it:)

Here they are:

1. Joe Canadian – doesn’t this commercial  give you just a little tingle up your spine? From March 2000. This is one of my alltime fav’s….This went viral big time. Canadians everywhere swelled with pride. I especially love the little, oh-so-Canadian, “thank you” at the very end of the rant. Everyone loves a Canuck!

joe canadian

2. “Albert” – Canadian Tire. Ran sometime in the late 80’s I think…Pure Canadiana – every little boy’s fantasy. This was so popular at the time, the actor who played the adult “Albert” made appearances at the Leafs, Calgary, and Winnipeg NHL games as a celebrity – even though you never see his face in the commercial.

3. albert

3. Canadian Tire Bike commercial – yet another classic from Canadian Tire. Ran sometime in the 90’s.
CT bike commercial

4. Now for something a little bit more recent…How about this Heineken delightful spot? Appeals to both men and women doesn’t it? I laugh every time I see it.


5. “You’ve got Bankers”. One has to be able to laugh at themselves, and even though I work at a bank, this is hilarious. From the credit card company Capital One.


That’s it for now….let me know if I’ve missed a great one!!

IMG_0019 IMG_0025 IMG_0028  IMG_0030 IMG_0033 dilbert tv


2 Comments on “Monday Morning Smile LXV – Best Commercials ever !”

  1. roland says:

    How about the dozens of budweiser superbowl commercials….including this one “wazzup”
    (Hope I copied link correctly).

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