Monday Morning Smile LXI – Opa!!


I’m back after a few weeks off….hope you haven’t forgotten…..

The weekend was a good one for the most part. Saturday was unfortunately spent doing a little work catch up, but hey it doesn’t happen that often.

The rest of the time was spent doing some of the things that are fun, a little squash, walking the dog around the neighbourhood, watching shows on the idiot box. You know just another weekend. BUT, we did go out to a new restaurant on Saturday night. “Colossus” a greek restaurant in Oakville. AWESOME! There was a lineup out the door and the wait was worth it.

So it isn’t just democracy, the Olympics, mathematics, and other minor little things the Greeks gave us. It was awesome food! I am considering changing my name to  Davionysis Fallonopoulis. Just rolls off your tongue doesn’t it?

Here’s some of the great Greeks – I’ll bet you have heard of nearly all of them.

Pythagoras – yep. that Pythagoras. You know, the one that gave us the Pythagorean theorem. a² + b² = c².  Oh, and he did it in 500 B.C.  It is still taught in schools today of course.


Hippocrates – the father of all doctors, he wrote the Hippocratic oath. You know the one, “above all do no harm….” (or is it, “above all, book tee time on wednesday”). He believed that diseases were caused by natural causes not by the wrath of the gods. Incredible thought for 500 B.C. Was he embraced? No, he was put in jail for 20 years.

dilbert doctor

Socrates – the “socratic method” which isn’t exactly household conversation, has to do with philosophy and ethics. But most importantly he was (arguably) the forerunner to the Scientific Method, which in turn enabled the incredible inventions of today – the TV and the internet. You know, the inventions that turns us all into zombie like mush-brains. Thanks Socrates.

dilbert socrates

Homer – the father of literature from 500 B.C. or so. He gifted the world with the incredible stories like The Iliad, The Odyssey. For over two thousand years authors have followed in his giant footsteps and given us the profound life altering stories of today – like “Green Eggs and Ham”, “Scooby Doo”, and best of all “50 Shades of Grey”!  Homer is spinning in his grave.


Have a great Monday. Channel your inner Greek!   Opa!



One Comment on “Monday Morning Smile LXI – Opa!!”

  1. Roland says:

    Awesome posts.. thanks!!

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