Monday Morning Smile LX – If You’re Happy and You Know it….


Hey, have you heard? Canada is the 6th happiest place on earth! WooHoo! Yeeessss…..Our burly friends down south are 17th. Do you know why? I’ll tell you – it’s because they haven’t embraced Tim Horton’s yet. How can you not be happy with a Timmie’s donut?!

Here’s the ranking

1. Denmark
2. Norway
3. Switzerland
4. Netherlands
5. Sweden
6. Canada
Pretty much all northern climates with a little (or a lot) of snow, ice, and long dark nights. Not to mention a reputation as the world’s best looking people. No wonder everyone is happy with all that eye candy around.

This is an actual report that has been produced since 2005. There are some countries, notably Bhutan, that have imbedded it in their government policy making. In Bhutan, the government hopes to increase the country’s “Happiness Index”.

happiness chart

And of course, it wouldn’t be a happy ending with a piece of Dilbert wisdom….

dilbert happy


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