Monday Morning Smile LIX – Back to School

A man and his Dog, does it get any better?

Well, goodbye Summer of 2013, nice knowin’ ya…..

As we look wistfully backward at the Summer of 2013 I hope you and yours had a great summer season. I know I did. It was a time to make memories, a time that – years from now – is referred to with a , “remember that time we….”.

Even when you’re long out of school the arrival of September seems like the end of carefree time spent barefoot sucking on popsicles.

So in honour of summer, here are some tidbits of critical info about summer favourites.

Summer or School? : Hey kids, do like Canada? I thought so. Here’s one more reason. Kids here go to school about 180 days a year. In Japan they go to school about 240 days a year. Yikes!  When do they learn to skip stones? I will pick stone skipping over calculus any day.

The Popsicle:  In 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a mix of soda and water out on the porch. He left it there, with a stirring stick still in it. That night reached a record low and, the next morning, the boy discovered the drink had frozen to the stick, inspiring the idea of a fruit-flavored ‘Popsicle’, a word mash of soda pop and icicle. Just as importantly, the popsicle stick has been used in children’s crafts for almost as long!!   What father hasn’t recieved a popsicle stick snowflake for father’s day or christmas?!

Greatest invention ever:  a chocolate popsicle is very, very, very soothing after a heavy night of celebration.

popsicleThere is also a national Cherry Popsicle Day – I’m not kidding

Children eating lollipop in water park Popsicle-Stick-Snowflakes-5

The Beach:  People have been going to beaches for as long as there have been families and friends. A chance to be outdoors, to be together, to be carefree, if only for a day, a weekend….The simplicity of the beach is part of the attraction. For young and old, all a beach needs is a bit of sunshine, some surf, a shovel and pail, and you are good to go. Our favourite beach is Grand Bend, Ontario, on the shores of lovely Lake Huron.   Grand Bend sunsets are unsurpassed.

For us, Grand Bend is part of our family DNA.  The Ice cream shop, mini-putt, poutine at The Spud Shack….. Many, many great times, and with luck, many more.

Fallon the Junior with the acrobatic catch in the Grand Bend surf and excavating on the construction site….

grand bend Taj Mahal - under construction...

Grand Bend sunsets….add a glass of wine and you’ve found heaven.


The BarBque – not to be confused with ‘grilling’. You grill something fast with the flame in contact with the meat. BarBque’ing is slow and savoury – where anticpation is as important as the meal itself. But whateveryou call it – grill, Barbque, hibachi….just add good friends, a good cut of meat, and perhaps a tall cool drink and you have a perfect summer evening. And before you ask, this old picture is not my family, a pox on you for even thinking it!

bbq1960 bbq2

Of course a little something from our friend Dilbert….

dilbert bbq

Have a great Fall.



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