Monday Morning Smile LVII – I’ve got the Yips !!


Welcome to the dog days of summer!!

Too late to lose weight to look good for the summer,  too late to get that lawn looking good,  too late to plan that great summer vacation, and just too late to do anything but enjoy….

I had a great summer weekend. Dinner on the patio with out of town family (great burgers if you want to know), a round of golf with my kids and my sister, and celebrated my mom’s birthday. But  there is bad news…I discovered I have an advanced case of Focal Distonia.

Focal Distonia interferes with the enjoyment of your quality of personal life. It’s not hereditary, you don’t “catch it”, and it comes without any warning.

And did I ever get it bad.  It came without warning two weeks ago and carried into this weekend.

What is Focal Distonia? It is the (hopefully temporary) loss of fine motor skills. No one can explain it. It is not hard to diagnose though. It is more commonly know (at least to golfers) as “the yips“.

How did I know I had the Yips? ….My last golf round I could not putt. Standing over a 4 foot putt caused me undue stress, I had no confidence whatsoever, ahhhhh!!!  When will I get relief from this crushing condition?!


Here’s some famous thoughts  about Golf….

Mark Twain – “Golf is a good walk spoiled”.

Chi Chi Rodrigues – “Golf is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.”

Ray Floyd – “They call it golf because all the other four letter words were taken.”


dilbert golf

Enjoy the back half of your summer !!


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