Monday morning smile LIII – Happy Birthday, eh !!

canada flag

Happy Birthday Canada !!

I hope your long weekend was sun soaked, full of family, fun, maybe a good steak on a BBQ, a round of golf, perhaps watching little kids run through a sprinkler, or maybe some quality people watching at a beach.

I just returned from Charlottesville, Virginia, where I spent last week. Wonderful place, beautiful scenery and rolling hills. but it is HOT! I went to the driving range to hit balls and it was 100 degress in the shade (that’s 37 C). Oh yeah – with high humidity to boot (over 80%). They don’t even talk about the Humidex there (for the record the Humidex last wednesday was 63 degrees – yes, that’s not a typo. Temp of 38 C, with humidity of 85%.

Well, Canada Day gives us some time to reflect on how great Canada is…’s not perfect, but it sure comes close!

Here’s the Fallon pictorial of Canada. Have a great day!

A lazy summer afternoon on the front lawn…..


Ahhh….truly Canadian ! no one does donuts like Tim Hortons! Celebrate with Canada’s finest cuisine….


The world thinks we’re cool. When I was abroad I had Australians buy me apology drinks when they mistook my accent…


Canadian Royalty…..Young Sydney Crosby, and a young Wayne Gretzky.

Sidney-Crosby-Timbit young-wayne-gretzky

I like the fact that I never had to ask the parents of my kid’s friends if their guns were locked up.


Of course, nothing says Canada like a rink in the yard….

IMG_5864 IMG_5874 IMG_9908

Happy birthday to us….


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