Monday Morning Smile LVI – Random Stuff


Well, Not ime this weekend for proper MMS writing, too much fun stuff got int he way (and some not so fun stuff like evetrough cleaning).  A little golf with my son, a little patio sitting, and poof, all your time is gone.

Anyway, a few dilbert chuckles to get your week started off right…. (click to enlarge)

dilbert best practices


dilbert Don't_Step_in_the_Leadership


bank & cust service


Monday Morning Smile LV – What have the Romans done for us Anyway?


With apologies to Monty Python (they have a famous comedy sketch “what have the Roman’s done for us anyway – check out the links at the bottom…

Well, I’ve been back from Italy and Greece for a few days now….and I am pondering what the Romans have done for us.
Oh sure, there are the incredible feats of engineering, the incredible arts & sciences, philosophy, economics, aqueducts, and the like….but,  what have they really done for us???

Ever been to a football game? How about a MMA fight? NHL hockey game? Where do you think this bloodlust came from? That’s right, the Romans.
The Colosseum sat 50,000 spectators. Keep in mind this was over 2000 years ago. It is hot there, so what did they do? They put a canvas roof over it. The SkyDome of its day. So what did the good citizens of Rome go to see? Gladiators! the athletic mega-stars do battle.


And what would 50,000 spectators do today (besides cheer, holler, and otherwise makes ninnies of themselves)?  Some tailgating, eating, drinking, maybe some graffiti artwork….Well guess what? – nothing has changed.

Here is a picture of Roman graffiti at the coliseum in Rome that dates to the 5th century B.C. etched into the marble.  IMG_0222

All those 50,00 romans eating and drinking (yes, they had concession stands) means some heavy-duty latrines were necessary. Well, the Romans invented that too. Check out those Roman latrines. They even had slaves as toilet attendants!


Sure, the Pantheon is impressive, the Forum is impressive, the aqueducts gave the million ancient Roman inhabitants clean water, but how advanced is a society when they can get 50,000 spectators to come watch a couple of athletic superstars bash each other to death, and have the infrastructure in place to not only feed them, but also to take all that effluence away?! Incredible.

And it wouldn’t be a Monday Morning Smile without a small dilbert cartoon….(click to enlarge)

dilbert roman or here…

Monday Morning Smile LIV – Gone but not forgotten.

Yes, I’m away on vacation, but couldn’t leave my dedicated Monday Morning Smile followers without something to start the week.

Here’s some favourites. Enjoy. (click to enlarge)

MA compensation complexity

dilbert inaccurate numbers

dilbert best practices


Monday morning smile LIII – Happy Birthday, eh !!

canada flag

Happy Birthday Canada !!

I hope your long weekend was sun soaked, full of family, fun, maybe a good steak on a BBQ, a round of golf, perhaps watching little kids run through a sprinkler, or maybe some quality people watching at a beach.

I just returned from Charlottesville, Virginia, where I spent last week. Wonderful place, beautiful scenery and rolling hills. but it is HOT! I went to the driving range to hit balls and it was 100 degress in the shade (that’s 37 C). Oh yeah – with high humidity to boot (over 80%). They don’t even talk about the Humidex there (for the record the Humidex last wednesday was 63 degrees – yes, that’s not a typo. Temp of 38 C, with humidity of 85%.

Well, Canada Day gives us some time to reflect on how great Canada is…’s not perfect, but it sure comes close!

Here’s the Fallon pictorial of Canada. Have a great day!

A lazy summer afternoon on the front lawn…..


Ahhh….truly Canadian ! no one does donuts like Tim Hortons! Celebrate with Canada’s finest cuisine….


The world thinks we’re cool. When I was abroad I had Australians buy me apology drinks when they mistook my accent…


Canadian Royalty…..Young Sydney Crosby, and a young Wayne Gretzky.

Sidney-Crosby-Timbit young-wayne-gretzky

I like the fact that I never had to ask the parents of my kid’s friends if their guns were locked up.


Of course, nothing says Canada like a rink in the yard….

IMG_5864 IMG_5874 IMG_9908

Happy birthday to us….