Monday Morning Smile LII – the Lost Weekend

Well, I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day – because I didn’t.  I spent mos of the weekend sick as a dog in bed. Ugghh. The only upside is I got to watch a lot of golf on TV, and golf is the perfect sport for watching while sick.

I didn’t really have time to whip up a Monday Morning Smile so I’ll have to default to an oldy but goody. (click on them to enlarge)

 dilbert customers

dilbert consultant


Monday Morning Smile LI – Those hazy College Daze…..


Wow, I really feel like summer is finally starting to get here. I hope everyone is starting to feel it. The breeze is a little fresher, the steaks  smell a little better, the patio drinks a little colder, and the kids just a little more tolerable. I had a full weekend, I hope you did too. A lot of yard work, some tree trimming, pool cleaning, etc. You know – the stuff of eternal excitement.

Saturday I played in a memorial golf tourney with a bunch of my old college friends.

What a blast that was. It’s been a while, but we connected like we saw each other only last week. The old stories starting flowing as soon as our car doors opened. Remember that time we…..

In honour of old college war stories I thought I would highlight some college pranks.

1. Drunken friend falls “asleep” after a few too many wobbly pops. His “friends” take a red marker and colour the insides of his ears bright red. Also the back of his neck. The next morning he awakens to many, many “redneck” jokes. He laughs at all the jokes not knowing that he was the butt of the jokes all along.

but this is just childish….here are some real pranks…..

2. Perhaps the most ingenious and hilarious large-scale college prank was the Harvard-Yale prank. Some disguised Yale pranksters gave placards to the Harvard fans, telling them it would spell “Go Harvard”. On cue the Harvard faithful held up their cards. See what it spells below….

Harvard_poster  Hilarious.

3. Even better….University of British Columbia Engineers managed to suspend a VW Beetle from a 27m steel cable from the underside of maybe the most famous bridge in the world – all without a single person seeing it. To this day, know one knows how they did it. And the whiz kids that pulled it off have never come forward.


Gotta love a great prank.

Put your best in the comments.

Monday Morning Smile L – God Save the Queen!!

Well, it rained Sunday preventing me from cutting the grass – darn.  The pool filter acted up again – darn. And it cost about nine thousand dollars to fill the car up with gas – darn. Such are the problems of suburban life. I guess things are all right after all!

Did you catch the news on the weekend? Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her sixtieth annivesary of her coronation. Sixty! Unbelievable. Either she really, really,really likes being Queen or she doesn’t trust her son with the job.  Now there are lots of celebrities out there, Oprah is big, Celine Dion is big, but they don’t have their picture on money in dozens of countires around the world! Now that is BIG.

Got me thinking…… surely she is the longest reigning monarch in the world today….well, turns out she’s not. The King of Thailand has her beat by almost 5 years. Rama IX – he came to the throne at the age of 19 in 1946 and has been going strong ever since. Is he famous? Well in Thailand he is! Is he rich? Yep. At over $30B he is the world’s richest monarch. (Queen Liz is not even close. Although these things are notoriously hard to measure, the middle east oil shieks kings are way up the Richie Rich list). How revered is he? Hard to tell, in Thailand if you speak, write, or otherwise call the monarchy into disrepute, you are thrown in the slammer – it true! Can you imagine if we had that here? The opponents of Toronto’s King Mayor Rob Ford would have the jails overflowing!

king ramaHow cool is a King who can not only skate but get an audience with the real King, the one and only Elvis Presley!

rama hockey  king-bhumibol-adulyadej

So, today, let’s tip our cap, have some chips (yes, ‘chips’ don’t call them fries) for lunch, and maybe later a pint at the pub, and make sure we spell everything with a ‘u’ in it. In honour of Canada’s Queen Elizabeth the Second.

Long Live the Queen.

queen money queen family queen

dilbert royal