Monday Morning Smile XXXXVIII – ZIP and other Acronyms

I hope all of you had a wonderful long weekend. It is the unofficial prep weekend for a long and glorious summer. Cottages open, patio furniture is released from the shed, and the BBQ gets its first real workout of the season.

I was in North Carolina for the weekend at a family event. Wonderful time, the weather held (meaning it didn’t rain much, and the temperature, which could have topped 30, held at a comfortable 22 or 23.)

When check ing into the Hotel they asked for our ZIP code. Hmmmm, of course we don’t have one, but why call it ZIP code?

Got me thinking…..did you know that ZIP stands for Zone improvement Plan? Now that is a piece of info that you just can’t live without.

Here’s some others…..and I won’t include the pretenders such as LOL, WTF, etc….An acronym isn’t really cool till it has stood the test of time.

SCUBA – anyone know that one?


answer: Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Billy Idol sings a famous song called MONY, MONY. Actually is was first done in the 60’s and Billy Idol covered it. (as have many others such as Alvin & the Chipmunks, Teh Beach Boys, etc)


Answer: Mutual of New York, yep – really, it’s true. The song writer had a block, stepped out onto the balcony to have a cigarette and saw the sign across the street for the Finance firm. 

Of course there is the very corporate practical use of WAG. (which is used as a synonym for ‘estimate’, e.g. the WAG on that project is $1.3 million)

Answer: Wild Ass Guess, which is an irreverent way of saying, “here is my estimate, but I really have no idea”. (note: altenate meaning is “Wives and Girlfriends – which refers to the partners of famous soccer players).

Hmmm, there are so many, how about one more……Ever want a JEEP? Only the cool kids get them….How did the name JEEP come about? (and yes, that is a picture of MacGyver for those that recognised it!)


Answer:  JEEP came from the GP designation in the US military which stand for “General Purpose” vehicle. It got slurred to Jeep.

Let’s end with our friend Dilbert…….

dilbert acronymII


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