M.M.S. XXXXVI – All Hail Spring!


Welcome back to Monday. It’s tough to tear yourself away from all that great weather, I know. But we’ll get through it together.

Do weekends ever get any better than this one? A little baseball practice (pictures of Fallon the yonger below), a little lawn mowing, the opening of the money pit pool in the back yard. All in all just one great Spring day. All hail Spring! All hail Spring!


So how can you tell it’s Spring?

Drinks on the patio with Friends? Check. Oh, and you ditch your standard beer, opting for exotic drinks like a Mojito, or Long Island Iced Tea, or maybe a nice throwback drink like anything with gin. Below is one of my favourite patios – Barney’s and the Ceeps. Awesome times. What’s kind of cool is that my dad used to go there too (2nd picture would have been more familiar to Pop).

st-parrtys-day-barneys_ca_ barneys

What else means Spring? Well everyone sheds those ugly winter clothes – and out comes the best Spring invention since the tulip bulb. Yep, you guessed it – the sun dress. If this doesn’t say Spring nothing does…..


As the weather gets a little warmer we all tend to indulge our secret guilty pleasures. Do you have a guilty pleasure? I do. If you can keep a secret I’ll share – but remember it’s only beween us.  I watch Glee. Yep, there, I admit it. And not just because my wife likes it. I’ll even watch it on my own. Awesome music.


Enjoy your Monday, and enjoy your Spring.

dilbert spring


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